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About Me

I was born in the South of France in 1973. My father was in the army so we used to move every 3 years. It was hard sometimes to leave everything I knew, especially friends and schools, face a new environment and meet new people. But it definitely taught me to adapt and be open minded.  Sadly, my dad passed away in 1996 of a brain tumour. He was only 51. To this day, I do not understand why he had to leave us so young and so fast but, like for many of us, “life carries on”.

I moved to London in 1996 and lived there for 10 years. I really loved the multicultural side of this city. One of my greatest memories was sharing a basement flat with 7 other girls: American, German, French, English…you name it!! There was never a dull moment as you can imagine!

I worked as a Receptionist in a restaurant, also as an Accountant in a gym in the heart of the city. I was riding my push bike everywhere. I joined a gym and started to attend more and more group fitness classes. I met some great friends and one of the instructor became my mentor and my “bestie”. Eventually I became a Group Fitness Instructo teaching free style step, aerobics and conditioning classes (yes, the good old LBT classes….Legs Bum Tum).  Since then, I have become a Personal Trainer and a Les Mills Body Combat / Body Pump / Body Balance / Body Attack / RPM and GRIT instructor.

I moved to Sydney in 2005 with my husband, where our lovely little girl was born. We headed back to France in 2008 as my mum became ill with cancer. She passed away a year later but we ended up staying a few more years. It was hard to keep going without my mum and I learnt a lot from this experience. From caring for her to dealing with her absence and “getting on with it”.

2012 was the year of our arrival on the Sunshine Coast!! I have since become a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

Having our family around and meeting new friends (and a new awesome network of gym members!!) have helped us settle enormously. Positive relationships in our lives make a massive difference.

Why Bonjour Wellness?

In the last few years, words such as “wellness”, “wellbeing”, “mindfulness” have been used a lot more than before. It is not surprising. Unfortunately these days, so many people are feeling unwell, stressed and confused. They are lost and do not know how to change. They need to be supported as they move from “negative” to “positive” thinking, from feeling unworthy to being enough, from getting sick to staying healthy.

Wellness Coaching will help you through this process by looking at the main areas of your life, such as nutrition, physical activity and work/life balance, where changes can make a huge difference.

Being a Wellness Coach means everything to me as it gives me a chance to share and promote the principles that I truly believe in: eating well, moving well and thinking well.

My Motto

Eat Well

Like so many women, food and I have a bit of a history. I have learnt to see food as a friend and not an enemy after going through anorexia in my teenage years.
Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. I want to help you simplify your thoughts on food. You only need the “essentials” and to be ready for change.
There are hundreds of nutrition plans out there, so which one is the right one?? A plan that is right for YOU: your body, your needs but also your family, life style, budget. This is all part of creating long-lasting behaviours and not be “on a diet” for the rest of your life.

Move Well

I have been involved with the Health and Fitness industry since 1999 when I became a Group Fitness Instructor. Teaching group fitness is a real passion. Something I love about it is how it brings
people together and creates like an “extra” family.
I am also fully aware that it is a huge challenge for new members to start a training program or attend their first class. Even walking into a gym to get some information can be very daunting.
So if the gym is not for you, no worries!! There are so many other ways to be physically active: swimming, walking, climbing, riding….Just something YOU enjoy doing!

Think Well

Mind and body have such a strong and undeniable relationship. Whether you are keen to start exercising or change your eating habits, it needs to be for the right reasons: are you doing it for yourself? Are you committed enough?……
I can help you build your confidence and will be by your side every step of the way. However YOU need to be accountable for the changes. The aim is to create long-term changes in the way you think, for you and, indirectly, for the people around you.

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