Standing Strong Term Programs

Standing Strong Term Programs

The Standing Strong Term program is held over 8 weeks during the school term. Having regular weekly sessions is a great way to build trust, create friendly bonds between the girls and achieve lasting outcomes.

Topics explored during term program include:

  • The Importance of Health, Wellness & Self Care
  • How to Understand Values, Motivation & Goals
  • How to Create a Positive Body Image and Strong Sense of Self
  • How to Boost Confidence & Improve Self Esteem
  • How to Build Resilience & Inner Strength
  • How to Manage Friendships & Create Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Understand Emotional Intelligence
  • How to use Mindfulness & Stress Management Techniques
  • etc…

The sessions are held after school in the group fitness studio at Suncoast Fitness, 102 Wises Road Maroochydore. Suncoast Fitness is part of a complex offering free car park, a cafe and shops. You do NOT need to be or become a Suncoast Fitness gym member when enrolling your daughter.

I am also open to other locations on the Sunshine Coast as long as we have a minimum of 6 girls attending on a weekly basis and for the whole term. For holidays and week-end workshops, please contact me directly on 0458 773 385 if you are interested in bringing the program into your community.

Next term programs will start in February 2021. Stay Tuned!

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